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Welcome to The Business/Entrepreneur Success Channel at Planet Earth Radio. This is the global radio channel for Business Achievers. Every minute of information you hear is designed to give you increased business success. We have searched the world for the top 1% of business achievers - those remarkable individuals whose insights and strategies will propel your business to new levels of achievement. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business professional or self employed, this channel will give you access to some of the greatest business minds in the world. Listen now and see your profits soar.

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20 minutes

The Power of FOCUS with Al Ries – The world’s best known Marketing Strategist
There’s a good reason why Al Ries has won a reputation as the world’s best known marketing strategist. He has a message which your business can’t afford to miss. Al believes that FOCUS is the most important element of business success whether you work in a large corporation, or are a self employed individual. Listen now to Al Ries’s tips for your business success, and discover why business achievers pay Al $30,000 for a one day consultancy session.                          


15 minutes
  Guerrilla Marketing with Jay Conrad Levinson
Multi million selling author Jay Levinson has transformed countless businesses with his concept of ‘Guerrilla Marketing.’ In our special interview, Jay tells you what it takes to become a guerrilla marketer – and most importantly he shares some of his most profitable business success strategies including, why most of your potential customers wont buy from you until they hear your message a staggering 20 - 30 times and the secrets of writing great brochures, sales letters and internet copy.

14 minutes

How to become an Internet Guerrilla with Jay Conrad Levinson
In part two of our exclusive interview, business success guru Jay Levinson unveils the secrets of using the internet to rapidly grow your business. Plus – why small and medium sized businesses have an incredible advantage over large organisations, how to market for FREE and why Jay’s strategies wont just make you more money but will also give you more time to enjoy your success. Don’t even listen to this interview now unless you’re prepared for a serious increase in your profits. 


6 minutes

How to turn your customers into ‘Apostles’ for your Business - Tony Alessandra
Outstanding businesses thrive when they are able to create extraordinary relationships with their customers. These customers then become ‘Apostles’ spreading the word about you and recruiting new raving fans. This is by far the best type of advertising and marketing you can get. Tony Alessandra has created a specific system for achieving this. If you are in business, listen now to discover how to exceed your customers’ expectations and create moments of magic with them – rather than moments of misery. 


22 minutes

The Next Big Thing is Really Small - Jack Uldrich
A scientific tidal wave is about to hit your business. It’s called nanotechnology. It will change our world and the way that every business functions. One of the world’s leading authorities on nanotech is Jack Uldrich. He believes this approaching revolution can either be a terrible threat for business professionals, OR a great opportunity, depending on your willingness to stay ahead of the curve. If you want to be at the leading edge, you need to hear this interview. If you’re not really sure what nanotechnology means, you REALLY need to hear this interview!


21 minutes

How to avoid the Seven Biggest Mistakes in Business - Paul Lemberg
Those who succeed in business don’t just focus on making good decisions. They also pay attention to avoiding the mistakes made by many of their colleagues. Business strategist Paul Lemberg has carried out an in-depth study of the most common business mistakes and he’s identified seven that just wont go away! In this interview, Paul will show you how to fine tune your business skills to avoid these pitfalls. He’s also offering Planet Earth Listeners across the world a free copy of his new report.

8 minutes

Have you got what it takes to be an Entrepreneur? Dr Carl Aylen.
Scientific research is suggesting that the entrepreneurial spirit is created early in life. If this is the case, have you got what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Prime Thinking Skills creator Dr Carl Aylen, also know as ‘The Cambridge Don’ explains why there seem to be two types of thinkers in the world and only one is destined for entrepreneurial success. He also explains why top business performers often have problems dealing with other people.

16 minutes

What Muhammad Ali can teach you about Business - Brandon Steiner
Sports metaphors are often used when describing business success, but Brandon Steiner is someone who has experienced the overlap between business and sport first hand. He believes that whatever your business, there’s a great deal you can learn from the sporting world. Brandon started Steiner Sports with four thousand dollars and turned it into a thirty five million dollar company. He’s spent a lifetime around some of the world’s greatest sports stars and says they have been his best business teachers. Now he’s brought these lessons together in ‘The Business Playbook’.


26 minutes

Why your Marketing Sucks! - Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens speaks his mind. He’s appalled at how business professionals ranging from the self employed to senior marketing executives know so little about how to create stunning business success. In fact, Mark Stevens does not stop at telling people that they're marketing sucks. He believes that you should probably fire 80% of your sales force and that most business websites should be closed down immediately. Love him or hate him – but don’t ignore his message.

4 minutes

Think Differently – the future of your Business may depend on it - Dr Edward de Bono
Dr Edward de Bono is the recognised world leader in human thinking skills. He believes that our success in business begins with effective thinking. In this brief but fascinating ‘business soundbite’ he tells Planet Earth Radio about the dangers of short term thinking in business. He also shares his thoughts on dealing with change and the challenges and opportunities offered by the internet. Plus why the ‘so far so good’ mentality can lead to business suicide.

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