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Welcome to The Relationships Channel at Planet Earth Radio. What's the point in professional success is we cannot also have great relationships? Here, we bring together the latest, leading edge information on relationship success, whether you're single, married or somewhere in-between! If you want more successful, fulfilling relationships, join us now.

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16 Minutes
  The Secret to finding the right partner - Toni Coleman
When we experience a series of relationships that don’t work out, is it possible that we are unconsciously sabotaging our chances of success by seeking out the wrong type? Relationship expert Toni Coleman gives you the key strategies for finding the ‘right’ person and explains why your own self esteem is a vital part of creating relationships that work.

11 minutes
  Moving on from the past - Toni Coleman
For many people the ‘ghost’ of a past relationship can stop them being fulfilled with their new partner. Others shy away from new relationships because of the pain of the past. Relationship expert Toni Coleman tells us the vital steps required to move on and let go. She also reveals why men are sometimes the worst victims of painful break ups.




8 minutes

  Breaking up is hard to do….with Anthony Robbins  
But it happens and when it does, you need to be able to influence your thinking effectively so that you’re not held back by events and people from the past. In this remarkable interaction with a listener who’s having trouble moving on after the end of a relationship, Anthony Robbins, the world’s leading peak performance coach, shows him how to instantly change how he feels about the old relationship and finally move on to create new, more fulfilling relationships.

21 minutes

‘He Says, She Says’ – How to Transform your Relationship by understanding what makes the opposite sex tick - Dr Gary
It’s now a proven scientific fact that the thinking that governs how men and women communicate is fundamentally different.  When people don’t understand these differences, a good relationship can turn to disaster. But once your realise what makes your partner tick, the quality of a relationship can be transformed. Renowned relationships expert ‘Dr Gary’ tells you everything you need to know about what’s going on in the mind of the opposite sex.



19 minutes

It’s time for some Intellectual Foreplay! Eve Hogan
Next time you spot someone you the like the look of STOP. It could be time for some Intellectual Foreplay. Eve Hogan believes too many of us are only influenced by our hearts and that our heads should also play a role in the relationships game. The solution is ‘Intellectual Foreplay,’ getting to know the deepest thoughts of your partner and having them get to know you. Eve give us an essential guide to Intellectual Foreplay, plus why it’s never too late for couples to start.

10 minutes

How to have a World Class Marriage - Patty Howell and Ralph Jones
What does it take to have a great, ‘world class marriage.’ After almost three decades of wedded bliss, (well, most of the time) Patty Howell and Ralph Jones think they have some of the answers. They now train people from across the world in how to have a world class marriage. Here they share some of their tips, including how to deal with arguments, how to stop disagreements before they start and why many failed marriages can be saved.


22 minutes

So You’ve Been Dumped! Thea Newcomb
There’s a website for everything of course, including being dumped. 
Thea Newcomb launched soyouvebeendumped.com after her partner dumped her with the immortal lines “I’m thinking of becoming a priest!” Little did she know it would become a global phenomenon with the world’s ‘dumpees’ coming together to share stories and solutions. Thea is now the guru of how to deal with being dumped. Here she presents the essential guide to ‘getting over it’ – plus the greatest dumping lines you’ve ever heard.

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