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Planet Earth Radio Network Your Questions Answered

What is 'On-Demand' Radio?
It means that your favorite features and interviews are all available for you to listen to, whenever you choose. Simply click the 'Play' button next to each piece of programing. This means you never need to miss your favorite interviews and features. You can also listen as often as you choose.

Is this Talk Radio or Music Radio?
Planet Earth Radio has ten channels of on-demand talk radio features and programing. However what you will hear is unlike any normal 'talk radio' that you have ever heard. All of our programing has the latest on the leading edge of human excellence. It is the world's only global radio network aimed at global professionals - achievers who want the best the world has to offer. From breakthroughs in technology and the internet, to interviews with the world's greatest business thinkers, info on personal development and relationships, a channel dedicated to financial success, the only radio channels in the world dedicated to Space and Astronomy - and much more. 

How do I listen to programing on Planet Earth Radio
Surf the 10 channels as you would surf a normal website. When you see something you would like to listen to, simply click on the 'Play' button next to that piece of programing and listen. Your subscription gives you unlimited access to all of the channels. You can listen to as much as you like whenever you like.

Can I surf the web while listening
Yes. This is one of the benefits of internet radio. Once you hit 'Play' on the feature or interview that you select, you can surf other sites and the audio will keep playing. Once it's finished, you will need to come back to PlanetEarthRadio.com to listen to more programs.

How does my subscription work?
Your subscription works in much the same way as a magazine subscription. For $5.95 per month (wherever you are in the world) you have unlimited access to all of the 10 channels on Planet Earth Radio Network. You can listen to as much as you choose, as often as you choose, anytime 24/7.

Why do you charge a subscription?
Everytime someone listens to audio on the internet, it costs money. Therefore there are two ways to fund a radio network such as this. The first is with advertising. The second is through a low monthly subscription. The overwhelming response when we asked you which you preferred, was that you did not want to be bombarded with advertising and would be happy with a low monthly subscription in return for programing at the leading edge of human excellence. We therefore selected a low monthly subscription of $5.95. This gives you unlimited access to all ten channels. In return, you don't just get hours of powerful programing. It is also all 100% Commercial Free. We hope that you will be part of our global audience for many years to come and are proud to be pioneering global radio with you in this way.

How does my Free trial work?
When you sign up, you receive a free 14 day trial, during which time you can listen to all of the programing and experience for yourself this leading edge material. Your subscription does not begin for 14 days. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to try out the ten channels on Planet Earth Radio. 

I live outside the US - can I still subscribe?
Yes. Planet Earth Radio is a truly global radio network. We have listeners in virtually every country on the planet. Simply click on the link at the bottom of this page to sign up and the $5.95 will be converted into your local currency by your credit/debit card company. Our programing is accessible wherever you are in the world! 

Can I listen on dial-up or broadband?
Yes. All of our programing is compatible for dial-up or broadband.

How often is new programing added?
New programming is added to the Planet Earth Radio Network every day. As the world's leading Global Radio Network, we hope that we will become part of your internet life, checking out our programing on a regular basis as you would with your favorite web sites.


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