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The 21st Century Health Channel seeks out the leading edge of human excellence in the many approaches to health and life extension available on the planet. Because we are a global radio network, we will not be making any divisions between standard and ‘alternative’ approaches to health because such divisions tend to be geographic. Our only goal is to bring you the ‘best of the best.’ This channel is for people who believe that health is an important enough issue to merit being open minded about new breakthroughs and to listen to different approaches. Our aim is to provide you with powerful information that may assist you in making important decisions about your health.  We hope that you will return to this channel on a regular basis to keep updated on the exciting developments in health and life extension for you and your family.

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12 minutes
  Dramatic breakthrough in the search for a Cancer cure - Jennifer West
Scientists are reporting a significant breakthrough in their war on cancer. They’ve discovered a way of destroying tumors with amazing accuracy and no damage to surrounding tissues. Using nanotechnology, tiny ‘nanoshells’ are injected into the tumor to destroy it. Tests in mice have been successful and this could result in treatments for humans which will be used on cancers which are currently inoperable. Jennifer West, associate Professor of Bioengineering at Rice University is leading the research and reveals more in this fascinating interview.

24 minutes
  Live Thinner. Live Longer. Live Healthier! Dr Barry Sears
These are the bold claims of the creator of ‘The Zone’ the low-carb diet that’s taken off across the world. The Zone treats food as the most powerful drug available. Zone creator Dr Barry Sears has created a way of using food which he claims will take you into ‘the zone,’ a state of exceptional health where you will burn fat and keep it off. In this exclusive interview, Dr Sears tells Planet Earth Radio exactly how the zone works and shares his secrets for a thinner, healthier and longer life.

17 minutes
  A revolutionary approach to Health – Dr Paul Pearsall  
Be prepared for everything you’ve ever thought about health to be turned on its head by Dr Paul Pearsall, an internationally renowned author, doctor and speaker on health issues. Dr Pearsall believes that illness can be good and necessary. He thinks we all have the potential to live longer – but he also believes the complementary health movement can be dangerous. His strong views are based on powerful personal experience. Dr Pearsall ‘died’ and was resuscitated after developing cancer. In this interview direct from his home in Hawaii he explains his remarkable approach to health.

10 minutes

Are diets medical terrorism? Dr Paul Pearsall
In the second part of our interview with Dr Paul Pearsall he speaks out on what he calls the ‘medical terrorism’ of the diet industry. But there’s good news for anyone who wants to lose weight. Dr Pearsall believes we’ve been convinced that losing weight has to be a big struggle, when the reality is that some simple shifts in your lifestyle can produce dramatic long term results. And the first step to getting slim – is to stop worrying about your weight!

14 minutes

This man is working day and night to help you live to be 5000 years old! Aubrey de Grey.
Sounds crazy? Until you discover that Aubrey de Grey is a world renowned scientist at England’s prestigious Cambridge University, where he’s pioneering research into life extension. Aubrey says that we could be just years away from significantly extending the lifespan of mice, the first step in the breakthrough necessary to reverse human ageing. He believes that these dramatic developments could be closer than many think. Listen to our special interview and discover why there may be (much) more to your life than you think.

15 minutes

Your future’s not what it used to be .
In the second part of our interview with the world’s most optimistic life extension expert, Aubrey de Grey tells us why remarkable scientific breakthroughs wont just mean longer lifespans – within decades we could be able to totally reverse the ageing process, promising a world where the old become young. He gives us some tips for preparing for our longer, healthier lives, plus why he’s signed up to be cryogenically preserved. Listen and get to know Aubrey now – he may be around for some time.


19 minutes

Do we ever choose to be ill?   Haven Logan
While it would be unusual to find anyone who consciously wanted to be ill, there is a growing belief that both our lifestyle choices and our unconscious thinking patterns contribute to our health – or lack of it. The implication is that if we don’t consciously choose to be well, we could at some level be choosing to be ill. Haven Logan is the author of ‘Chosing to be Well: a Conscious Approach to a Healthier Lifestyle'. She has overcome health issues in her life by addressing her psychological well-being and she believes that you can do the same – if you choose.

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