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Welcome to The Personal Development Channel at Planet Earth Radio. Here you have unlimited access to the world’s leading authorities on human thinking and personal change. The channel is packed with key strategies for maximising our potential and overcoming obstacles to success. Here, some of our planet’s greatest thinkers share the secrets of success and fulfilment in our challenging and changing world.

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4 minutes
  This man has Coached Presidents and Royalty. What can he do for you?
Anthony Robbins is the world’s leading Peak Peformance Coach. His clients have included Princess Diana, President Clinton and Andre Agassi.  Anthony Robbins believes passionately that you have the potential to experience more success, joy and fulfilment in your life. But are these just bold motivational statements – or does Robbins have something you need to hear. In this exclusive interview, Planet Earth Radio's Chris Cardell finds out who Anthony Robbins is and what he can do for you.



14 minutes
  How to Free yourself from the Past – and create the future you deserve
Anthony Robbins shares his secrets for freeing yourself from past limitations and training your thinking for future success. He reveals how his work sent shockwaves through the medical and psychological world when he delivered on his claims of being able to wipe out lifetime phobias in just minutes. He also tells you the six fundamental that you need to be aware of to create the success and fulfilment  that you deserve.

7 minutes
  The Power to CHANGE
If you could change one thing in your life what would it be? And why do we often struggle to make changes? Anthony Robbins has spent two decades studying the key principles of human change. He believes there are several key steps that we need to go through to make change permanent and that failure to understand these steps is why so many people fail. Here, he describes these steps as he helps a listener, Jane, end her craving for chocolate.

11 minutes

Think Differently with Edward de Bono
No one has done more to show us the importance of human thinking – and how you can radically improve your thinking than Dr Edward de Bono. As well as being the creator of Lateral Thinking, Dr de Bono has written a staggering 65 books, all with one aim in mind – getting you to think differently. Edward de Bono has been telling Planet Earth Radio why thinking is the most important skill that you possess.


17 minutes

How your thinking creates your reality – with ‘The Cambridge Don’  
The science of using your mind effectively is no longer about just ‘positive thinking.’ Leading academics have studied how your thinking will influence the results you get in your life. One of these is Dr. Carl Aylen, an internationally recognized expert in the field of thinking processes. For over 25 years, Dr Aylen, who is known as ‘The Cambridge Don’ has successfully applied his groundbreaking research to the improvement of human performance. Here, he shows you how some simple shifts in your thinking can produce remarkable results 


14 minutes

The Genius within - Ed Strachar
This man believes that you are only using a fraction of your potential. Ed Strachar is a leading authority on the power of the mind and how to enter ‘the zone’ – that remarkable state of mind where you perform at your very best. In this interview, Ed will tell show you how to enter the zone and tap your full human potential. If you have children, you’ll also find Ed’s insights into how the education system is failing your kids both shocking and motivating. 


18 minutes

The most important relationship in your life.
In part two of our interview with Ed Strachar, he explains why the most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. He also discusses how your beliefs about money have a direct impact on your financial success. Plus why thinking like the masses can lead to disaster for you and your family.


16 minutes

The Platinum Rule – with Tony Alessandra
Forget the golden rule – Tony Alessadra, a world renowned authority on communication skills and personal development has discovered ‘The Platinum Rule’ for successful living. This rule has the potential to transform your relationships with others and will help you to become an outstanding communicator.


33 minutes

Is it possible to have a great day – everyday?  
Ed Foreman believes that is is, and at the age of 70, tours the world with his message on the simple steps for having a ‘happy, healthy and terrific day.’ Ed talks from experience. He is a former US Congressman and highly successful businessman who has a message you will not want to miss on the secrets of success and fulfilment.