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Welcome to The Financial Freedom Channel at Planet Earth Radio. This is the Financial Success channel for Achievers. The channel has one aim - to give you the resources you need to exponentially increase your wealth AND enjoy your financial success. The richest 1% of individuals do things differently from the rest. We give you their skills, secrets and strategies, from the world's leading authorities on money and wealth. You now have unlimited access to the latest, leading edge information on the money, wealth and financial freedom that you deserve. 

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22 minutes
  The Ultimate Guide to Financial Success with John Burley
To mark the launch of the Financial Freedom channel at Planet Earth Radio, we have a special feature with John Burley, one of the world’s leading authorities on financial success. In part one, John tells you why relying on savings is crazy, how compound investment can work for and against you, why it pays to pay off your mortgage and how anyone earning at least $25,000 a year can become a millionaire.

22 minutes
  At the age of 65, 95% of the population are dead broke. Don’t be one of them - John Burley
In the second part of this special feature on money and wealth, John Burley  explains why only 5% of the population make it financially and tells you the essential strategies you need for achieving financial freedom. He shares some of the character traits of successful individuals and explains why 80% of financial success is psychological. He also shows you which level of investor you are and what this means for your financial future. Leading edge information from a world leader on the strategies of financial success.

8 minutes
  Could you be Debt Free in 7 years?
Using a systematic and proven method, John Burley shows you how to achieve financial freedom in 3-7 years. With the burden of debt growing for countless families, this system enables you to plan how to be debt free, paying off credit cards, loans and even your mortgage. Listen now and see if this is information that can make a difference for you and your family.

How the Rich get Richer - Winning the Money Game
The laws governing money and financial success are often stunningly simple - but so few people understand them. Bernard Lietaer is called in by governments and corporations to advise them on money. He tells us the simple principles of why your credit cards and loans are helping the rich get richer and almost certainly helping you get poorer. 

17 minutes

The Secret Lifestyles of the Wealthy - Richard Conniff
They may be surrounded by the trappings of wealth, but it turns out that many of the super rich are fairly screwed up – engaging in ritualistic behavior with strong links to the jungle habits of chimps and gorillas. In one of the most comprehensive investigations ever carried out into the lives of the rich, Richard Conniff reveals all, including why the rich are obsessed with buying even bigger homes, why wealthy individuals are determined to isolate themselves but then complain of loneliness and why even billionaires are driven by a desperate need to make more money. If you are financially successful or plan to be, Richard has some important lessons that you wont want to miss.

13 minutes

What have Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Richard Branson and a pack of chimpanzees got in common?  
More than we might think. In the second part of our interview with Richard Conniff, author of ‘The Natural History of The Rich’ we discover how the super rich try to be different but are all driven by the same animal desires. Plus why the latest battle is to see who can give the most away to charity – and a fascinating discussion on why these billionaires may be financially successful, but not financially free.  

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