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Welcome to Astronomy Radio - the world's first radio station dedicated to Astronomy.

Astronomy Radio is a global on-demand radio station. It's one of 10 radio channels that you can access 24/7 when you join Planet Earth Radio. (You'll see the other channels down the left of the page) All the interviews and features on Astronomy Radio are accessible when you want them. On this channel you'll hear exclusive in-depth Astronomy news and interviews plus features with the leading names in Astronomy. Click on one of the links below for your Free 14 Day Trial. Plus, click on any of the green 'Listen to Free Preview' buttons to hear exclusive extracts from Astronomy Radio now.

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15 minutes

Stunning Jupiter Photograph Revealed - Carolyn Porco
The world of Astronomy has been celebrating the greatest Jupiter photograph ever seen. Taken by the Cassini spacecraft en route to Saturn, the photography captures Jupiter in unprecedented detail. Listen now to our special interview with Carolyn Porco, the Cassini imaging team leader, as she tells the remarkable story of the Jupiter picture and reveals why the photograph is causing great excitement amongst Jupiter experts. 



9 minutes

Approaching Saturn – Cassini heads closer to historic rendevous
After the success of its Jupiter by-pass, the Cassini spacecraft is now focusing on its core mission – the journey to Saturn. In part two of our interview with Cassini team leader Carolyn Porco at their HQ in Colorado, we get a sneak preview of the content of the first Saturn images coming in from Cassini. Carolyn also gives us a detailed description of what lies ahead and how this mission could unlock the key to some of Saturn’s greatest mysteries.


22 minutes

Mars Orbiter Camera team claim “smoking gun evidence” of massive water flow on Mars - Ken Edgett
The Mars Global Orbiter has come up with what looks like conclusive proof of substantial rivers and waterflow on Mars, possibly several billion years ago. It provides clear, unequivocal evidence that some valleys on Mars experienced the same type of on-going, persistent water flow as rivers do on Earth. We spoke to Ken Edgett at Malin Space Systems in San Diego, whose team created and controls the Orbiter camera. Ken gives us a detailed report on what these amazing pictures reveal. 
Once you’ve clicked the ‘Play’ button on the left to hear the interview, you can click here to see the photographs in full while Ken discusses them.

Welcome - You are now part of Astronomy Radio - the world's first Global Radio station dedicated to the wonders of Astronomy. We go in-depth with exclusive, full length interviews and features give you leading edge information on the wonders of the Universe. All of the material is exclusive to Astronomy Radio - you wont hear it anywhere else. And it's all on-demand, which means you listen when you want. You can join Astronomy Radio from anywhere in the world - and when you do, you also get unlimited access to all 10 channels on the Planet Earth Radio Network (including Space Radio) Programming is continually updated so you can come back as often as you choose. Global Radio for lovers of Astronomy has finally arrived .... join us on our journey to new worlds  - click on the link below for your FREE 14 day trial and be listening in minutes. 

12 minutes

Special Report – Water and Ice on The Moon, The Final Verdict? Dr Bruce Campbell
The most in-depth analysis ever carried out on the Moon’s polar craters has not found any sign of the thick deposits of ice which could have been used as sources of water for future lunar visitors or colonists. But the final verdict will probably only come from a future manned or robotic mission. Leading lunar authority Dr Bruce Campbell has been telling us how he and his colleagues used the powerful Aracebo Observatory in Puerto Rico to explore 20 feet into the Moon’s soil – and he tells us exactly what they found.


28 minutes

A Traveler's Guide to Mars
William Hartmann is one of the world's leading authorities on Mars. In this special interview, he takes us on an amazing journey to the Red Planet, revealing some of its secrets, the mysteries of its history and its potential for future human visits. He tells you what you would see, hear and feel if you were standing on Mars now. Plus William, who is author of the international bestseller 'A Traveller's Guide To Mars' gives you his tops holiday tips for the Mars vacation of a lifetime.



15 minutes

The Mars Olympics
In the second part of our interview with William Hartmann, senior scientist at The Planetary Science Institute in Arizona, we get the lowdown on 'The Mars Olympics' - the remarkable convergence of international missions to Mars which are set to dominate the astronomy headlines over the next few months. Listen now to discover why these missions are all heading to Mars at once, what they hope to discover on arrival and the remarkable technology which allows the rovers to explore the mysteries of the Red Planet.


14 minutes

Biocosm – Is this the answer to the mysteries of the Universe . James Gardner
A new theory on the creation of the universe claims that the universe was designed by a super-intelligent being in a prior cosmic cycle – and that our descendents will acquire similar powers. It may sound like an X File too far, but the man responsible for the theory, James Gardner is a respected complexity theorist whose claims have received unexpected praise from some members of the scientific community. In this exclusive interview, he reveals why the ‘Biocosm’ means the entire Universe is actually a vast, emerging life.


14 minutes

Biocosm – Part Two
In the second part of our interview with complexity theorist James Gardner, he explains why the super-intelligent being that created the universe made humans so stupid, why Biocosm could explode the Big Bang theory, why the entire universe is alive and what the future has in store for us.

Join the thousands of people across the world exploring the Universe with the world's first and only Global Radio station dedicated to Astronomy. Welcome to Astronomy Radio, one of 10 channels on the Planet Earth Radio Network. Click on the link below for unlimited access to all ten channels (including Astronomy Radio) and be listening in minutes.....