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Welcome to The Internet/Technology Channel at Planet Earth Radio. Here you can access the breakthroughs and people changing our world. Hear direct from the world's tech and internet pioneers plus stay ahead of the curve as we bring you the best in new technology and the finest that the internet has to offer. If you're a Global Professional - and just slightly addicted to the web - this is the channel for you.

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16 minutes
  Microsoft enters the battle for Digital Downloads - Bruce Haring
Microsoft’s decision to enter the digital music space to compete with iTunes, the new Napster and the increasingly competitive field of downloadable music has had a mixed reaction. Has Gates left it to late, or will the power of Redmond put real pressure on the competition? Bruce Haring, digital music expert and author of ‘Beyond the Charts: MP3 and The Digital Music Revolution’ gives us the lowdown on the battle for your download dollars.

9 minutes
  The World’s Smallest Electric Guitar! Professor Harold Craighead
And when we say small, we mean ‘small’. This is a nanoguitar and its strings are just six millionths of a metre in length. Professor Harold Craighead at Cornell University where the nanoguitar was made has been telling Planet Earth Radio why they made it and what the implications are. The guitar wielding professor even play us a couple of riffs – don’t throw away the Fender just yet….



23 minutes

Everyone Else must fail – The Truth about Larry Ellison  - CNET's Karen Southwick
Love him or hate him, the Oracle boss has revolutionised the tech industry. But what drives Larry Ellison? Is he as wild as the rumors say he is and where does he take the company next? CNET editor Karen Southwick has written a compelling new biography of Ellison. We asked Karen to give us an insight into the story of his stunning success, the Ellison ‘dark side’ plus why, despite a $25 billion fortune, he’s still really jealous of a guy down the street named Bill.


10 minutes

Whatever happened to Peer-to-Peer?
In the glory days of the dot com boom, it was promoted as one of (the many) next big things that was going to revolutionise the internet, the music and film industry and a whole lot more. But Peer-to-Peer failed to live up to those initial expectations. The early pioneers faced the double challenge of the cash sources drying up, plus a growing realization that the internet structure needed to support the potential was a long way off. But the P2P story may just be beginning. Andy Oram, author of 'Peer to Peer, Harnessing the Power of disruptive Technologies' tells us why we could be about to enter a new and glorious Peer-to-Peer era and, in case you're wondering, some FAQs on exactly what P2P is all about.


14 minutes

Changing the world at idealist.org
If you want a great case study in combining the web's global reach with its technological potenital, look no further than idealist.org. This site has quietly grown into a massive worldwide resource to match individuals looking to do voluntary or charitable work with 40,000 nonprofit organisations. Just type in your street address and see who needs your help. Idealist.org's Executive Director Ami Dar tells us the site is also in four languages and sends out a staggering 60,000 separate emails every day matching opportunities with peoples' specific interests.


23 minutes

The Deep Web - Exploring the Secrets of the Hiddden Internet
The web we see everyday is just a drop in the internet ocean. Hidden below the surface is a wealth of material that most of us never experience. Marcus P Zillman is a leading authority on the deep web. His latest book is 387 pages of URLs. Nobody knows more about the hidden internet than Marcus who will open your mind to a web deeper and wider than you ever imagined.

10 minutes

This Pen Remembers Everything You've Written
Fed up with losing your notes? Bored with transcribing all those minutes from endless meetings? Your life is about to change because the writing revolution has arrived. The Logitech io personal digital pen is a ballpoint that records everything you write and then lets you save and organise exact copies on your computer for safekeeping. It can even make some sense of your strange handwriting. Chris Bull from Logitech gives us the lowdown on the pen that's re-writing the writing business.

17 minutes

The Secrets behind the Amazing Mind of the Geek
If you're a Geek and wonder why none of your non-Geek managers understand you, you're about to find out. If you're a manager and think you should manage your Geeks in the same way as your other staff, you're in for a shock. Paul Glen, author of 'Leading Geeks' lifts the lid on the mysteries of the Geeks and tells us why many organisations have no idea how to manage the genius that drives the Geek mind. Plus, why the secret to keeping your Geeks really happy could be to give them more free food!


9 minutes

Leading Geeks - Part Two
In the second part of our interview with Geek guru Paul Glen we find out how you thrive as a Geek if you feel undervalued, mis-understood and struggle with being smarter than the boss! Paul also tells you how to find the Geek job of your dreams and lets un into the private world of the Geek. Why are Geeks regarded as introverted, and when a typical Geek returns home after a 15 hour day, do they really head straight for their computer.


8 minutes

Would you pay $10,000 for a pair of Speakers? Timothy Hill
Well if you would, this is what you would get. These new speakers from Ferguson Hill don’t just look stylish, as you might expect they also sound amazing. But would most of us appreciate what we would get for this exceptional price tag – and what goes into creating some of the most expensive speakers in the world. The speakers’ inventor Timothy Hill tells us why his creation should be music to your ears.

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