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Welcome to The Career/Professional Development Channel at Planet Earth Radio. Here you will find the world's leading experts on career success. You are about to access the strategies and secrets of those rare individuals who achieve stunning career success - the people who love their work, are outstanding leaders and are respected and very well compensated for their skills. That's what an amazing career is about - Planet Earth Radio will bring you the skills and strategies to give you the career success that you deserve.

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16 minutes
  The Five Patterns of Extraordinary Careers - Rick Smith
One of the most in-depth studies of successful business professionals ever carried out has identified five powerful patterns shared by individuals who experience extraordinary careers. These include understanding the permission paradox, 80/20 thinking, long term planning to create a career that uses your strengths and passions and having a better understanding your own value. Author Rick Smith believes that once you understand these patterns you will have significantly more influence over the direction of your career.

12 minutes
  The Power of Benevolent Leadership -Rick Smith
In Part 2 of our interview with Rick Smith, he reveals another important result of the study of top business achievers. It turns out that ruthless leadership is out – and benevolent leadership is in. The fast track to a stunning career no longer involves stepping on others. Instead, the majority of today’s leaders understand that the way to the top is to support those around them. Find out if you’ve got what it takes to be a benevolent leader.

14 minutes
  Courage and Careers – Are you brave enough to pursue your dreams? Penelope Trunk
Why do so many people have unfulfilling careers? Why don’t more of us ‘tale the plunge’ and pursue work that we would love to do. Leading career expert Penelope Trunk believes that understanding the importance of risk is vital to making the right careers decisions and that most of us hold back because we are terrified of failure. Penelope will show you how to get clear in your thinking so that you never end up regretting your career choices.

6 minutes

There’s no such thing as Bad Boss! Penelope Trunk
You may think you’ve got the boss from hell – but it turns out that he or she is a really good person deep down who just needs your help. According to career expert Penelope Trunk we’ve got our concept of the bad boss wrong. The worse the boss is, the more lost they are and the more they need your help. And that’s not all. If you really hate your boss, it turns out that maybe it’s you who’s screwed up and needs to do some soul searching! Listen to this interview and you may never think about your boss in the same way again.

Too much to Do - Too Little Time? David Allen has the Solution
David Allen has a mission in life - to show you how to organise your professional and personal life so that you can clear your head and focus on what's most important to you. He's a world leader in personal organisation - and best of all he thinks the concept of time management is nonsense.

15 minutes

How to get your Dream Job – Access the hidden job market - Marky Stein
Research has shown that applying for jobs is one of the least effective ways of securing the job of your dreams. Author and Career Coach Marky Stein has developed a powerful and proven method for accessing what she calls the ‘hidden job market.’ All you need to be able to do is pick up the phone. In this interview, Marky will show you step by step how to by pass the normal job application process to secure key interviews with top decision makers.

15 minutes

The Secrets to a Successful Job Interview - Marky Stein
Most job interviewers make up their minds about the person they are interviewing within just 15 seconds of meeting them. You can answer the questions perfectly but if you are not able to bond with the interviewer quickly, you are far less likely to get the job. Author and Career Coach Marky Stein gives you top tips for interviewing success, including how to develop instant rapport, why your handshake could be the most important part of the interview and how the questions that you ask the interviewer can set you apart from the competition.

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