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Welcome to The Future Channel at Planet Earth Radio. The Future Channel gives you access to the amazing minds of the geniuses creating and predicting the changes that are transforming our world. The breathtaking speed of change will only accelerate in the years ahead. Listen now - your future's not what it used to be.

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27 minutes
  Welcome to the New Future - Dr James Canton
In our special interview with Dr James Canton, one of the world’s leading futurists, we see a new future with remarkable breakthroughs in computing, technology and healthcare. Dr Canton is founder of the Institute for Global Futures. His predictions range from video enabled holographs to organs grown on order and the dream of downloading the contents of your own brain.

29 minutes
  Is this the Sound of our Global Consciousness? Roger Nelson
A remarkable scientific project is underway to find out if it’s possible to measure our global consciousness. Even the scientists leading the project were sceptical, until they started noticing major fluctuations in their measurements around key global events, such as September 11. They’ve now turned their analysis of what may be the planet’s consciousness into sound patterns, which you’ll hear on this interview with Project Director Roger Nelson. If this turns out to be the sound of Planet Earth’s consciousness, remember that you hear it first on Planet Earth Radio!


20 minutes
  Beware the Smart Mobs - Howard Rheingold
Smart mobs emerge when communication and computing technologies amplify human talents for cooperation. The technologies that are beginning to make smart mobs possible are mobile communication devices and pervasive computing - inexpensive microprocessors embedded in everyday objects and environments. Smart Mobs author Howard Rheingold says the impacts of smart mob technology already appear to be both beneficial and destructive. Governments have fallen, youth subcultures have blossomed, new industries have been born and older industries have launched furious counterattacks.

The Future of Money
The 21st Century is likely to see major changes in money and how we use it. New types of non-government currency and possible new global currencies are predicted by Bernard Lietaer, a leading global authority on money. But you're likely to be particularly shocked at his warning on the currency most likely to be facing a meltdown. The picture on the left will give you a clue. 

22 minutes

Dr Tomorrow is coming to get you!  
Dr Tomorrow is an 83 year old futurist who has some stark messages on life during the rest of the 21st century. Your college degree will be worthless, those who fail to embrace change will face disaster, the education system will collapse, futurists will be out of a job because they wont be able to keep up with change, and out of work CEO’s will take mind altering drugs to help them learn new stuff. Step into your remarkable future with the one and only Frank Ogden – ‘Dr Tomorrow.’

34 minutes

Getting to the Better Future – John Renesch  
Our future holds great promise, but only if we can break out of a global addiction for mass consumption, debt and over spending. That’s according to John Renesch, a leading authority on business, consciousness and social transformation. He believes that we can get to the “better future" but it will involve some major shifts in human thinking. Nevertheless he’s optimistic that the human spirit can create it once people set their minds and hearts to it.  

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